PROJECT – Apoapsis

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PROJECT – Apoapsis

Apoapsis is a recent project I’ve been experimenting with that looks at soap bubbles and interference patterns (responsible for the various colours seen in the film of the soap). It’s a somewhat tricky subject to work with due to a working with a very narrow depth of field and the inherent random behaviour of a floating bubble. They only last a few seconds before bursting, during which time they start filled with bright colours before decaying into a silvery grey. So timing is also an important issue.

Apoapsis explores the planet-like & abstract strcutures, shapes and colours found in floating soap bubbles. These bubbles are typically ~10cm in diameter and only last a few seconds before bursting. They start filled with vibrant colours before quickly decaying into a silver-grey just before they collapse.

The full project can be found by clicking here, or under the projects tab at the top of the page.

Apoapsis Apoapsis Apoapsis


Lighting-wise I treated the bubbles as I would with a glass subject or any other transparent subject for that matter. I used a large sheet of heavy-duty tracing paper (hung vertically, camera-left) to essentially produce one large specular reflection on the surface of the bubble that highlights the shapes and reveals the colours. Lighting was provided from two Speedlights, while you could use a single Speedlight I opted to use two at a lower power setting to achieve a faster flash duration and prevent motion blur. It’s a simple subject to work with but I came out of it with some interesting images that range from planet-like spheres to abstract blobs that look more like glass than a thin liquid film.