Hi, I’m Geoff. 

I’m a Melbourne-based Retoucher who likes planes.

My work has always leaned more towards the side of technically challenging or complex set design over the more conceptual forms of photography. Since becoming a full time retoucher/editor the bulk of my actual work behind a camera has been aviation based.

Planes aren’t exactly built to be photogenic. Military aviation especially is all about function and performance; go faster, fly higher, carry more. It’s a rewarding challenge from both a technical and aesthetic standpoint that now forms the majority of my personal work and has opened up opportunities both in the commercial and conservation worlds.

Planes aside, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from RMIT University, my bread and butter for the last few years has been retouching with video editing progressively becoming a larger percent of my work. Outside of photography I’ve been putting my detail obsession and pride in technical craft to use as a hobbyist knifemaker, just in case you were wondering why my Instagram shows a suspiciously high number of kitchen knives amongst the planes.